CO Mobile Auto Glass Repair And Replacement Tips

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Experts Warn Against DIY Windshield Repair  

Do it Yourself windshield repair can seem like a practical way to avoid the substantial expense a windshield replacement shop entail. This is especially true for those without insurance coverage, and vehicle owners that are in a financially tight situation. 

With over-the-counter windshield repair kits, plus instructional guides uploaded through the Internet, more and more vehicle owners are getting encouraged to try repairing their auto glass themselves. Experts however caution against self-troubleshooting windshield issues, saying such vehicle problem is best left to the professionals. 

Dangers of DIY Windshield Repair

There are several drawbacks attributed to self-troubleshooting windshield issues. These drawbacks though include fatal accidents and total windshield damage that will render it beyond repair. Since the windshield is a major support structure of the vehicle, any trouble with its structural integrity can affect the overall safety of a vehicle. 

Expert windshield technicians also mentioned that usually, DIY repair kits are not as reliable as they seem to be. First, they usually need specialized equipment that ordinary vehicle owners do not have. Secondly, it also requires the skills of a trained auto glass technician from best mobile glass solutions given that glass is a very sensitive element. An ordinary car owner may not have a suitable environment, the right tools and equipment, as well as a steady hand, and good eye coordination to carry out windshield remediation. 

More harm than good

A single mistake can make a repairable windshield damaged that it will need to get replaced. Expert windshield technicians usually try to fix DIY mistakes, but sometimes, the damage is so pronounced it can no longer be fixed. Moreover, self-troubleshooting windshield issues can void insurance claims. If the insurance company finds out that the vehicle owner failed to have his windshield repaired by a licensed auto glass company, and he carried out a DIY repair that eventually damaged the windshield, the insurance company may no longer cover the expense due to negligence on the part of the policyholder. 

The structural integrity of the windshield

For car owners who may have succeeded in repairing their windshield issue, experts warn that usually, the repairs are not for the long term. And since the repair is not carried out by a professional who has the expertise and equipment to carry out safe repairs, the vehicle owner could just get surprised by a resurfacing of the issue. the crack can resurface, and could even cause the windscreen to break even while the car is in motion. 

How to avoid windshield damage

Windshield damage is both costly and inconvenient. Even vehicle owners who have insurance to cover for the windshield repair or replacement expenses would have to go through the hassle of scheduling a repair or replacement service. On top of that, they may have to slow down their driving activities for a couple of days to ensure that the auto glass repair or replacement stays in place – a total bummer for single-car households. 

And as the adage goes, prevention is always better than a cure. Fortunately there, are several ways to avoid windshield damage that could lead to costly repairs or replacement. This blog article will tackle these tips, including some maintenance care suggestions for every vehicle owner. 

Gentle windshield cleaning works 

Some vehicle owners accidentally inflict damage on their windshields while cleaning their cars. Auto glass damage caused by cleaning usually varies from scratches, chips, cracks, or worse breakage. There are several culprits but the most common among the culprits is the abrasive cloth used to wipe clean the windscreen. 

Some car owners make the mistake of using abrasive sponges, wipe cloths, and even steel wool to take off stubborn dirt that got stuck in the windshield. In the process, they accidentally cause scratches that are deep enough for others to notice. 

Other cleaning habits that could cause windshield damage include harsh glass cleaners, cleaning the windshield with cold water even if the car was parked under intense heat for a long time, and using the wrong tools to clean the windshield. Another cleaning-related windshield damage is neglecting to clean the windscreen regularly. By not cleaning the windshield on at least a weekly basis, dirt, grime, and mud could get stuck into the windshield making it harder to remove and causing damage. 

Windshield wiper woes

Some windshields also incur damage due to ill-maintained windshield wipers. When a defective, terribly filthy, or worn-out wiper grazes the surface of the windshield, it causes deep scratches that are permanent. Keeping the windshield wiper blades well-maintained is part of taking care of the windshield. Clean the wiper blades periodically, and place them every six months or so. Do not let the windshield wipers move through the windshield when it is not raining. To clear the windshield of dust, make sure to squirt windshield wiper fluid first before turning on the wiper mechanism. 

Be mindful when parking to avoid windshield damage

According to Detroit Windshield Association, innocently parked cars could instantaneously incur windshield damage. It is always best to remain mindful of the parking area before leaving a car behind. Fruit trees or trees that have low-hanging branches could likely cause irreversible damage to the windshield. Parking near a ballpark, a tennis or baseball court, or even nears a group of kids playing ball on the street could be dangerous. An alley filled with cats could also possibly cause damage when the cats suddenly run and stay on top of the vehicle. 

Moreover, parking under the intense heat of the sun, and then blasting the air conditioning system after could cause the windshield to crack. Car owners should make sure that the parking area is safe enough to accommodate the vehicle.   

Windshield damage is less likely on roads with less traffic

When not in a rush, it is best to take roads with less traffic. While accidents are accidents, vehicles are less likely to incur windshield damage when passing through fewer traffic roads. This is because the possibility of having another car kick in gravel or pebble on one’s windscreen is less likely when traveling on a road with a lesser number of motorists.