Add to the Experience (CAVE members)

This document outlines the steps on how to add unique travel and experience tips to the website that include your winery, vineyard or business. Here are five reasons you, a CAVE member, should take a few minutes to add to the story:

  1. It’s free advertising for your winery, helping you expand your brand to new markets
  2. The 2,500 visitors to the site  indicate a strong consumer need for this information
  3. This website (and accompanying mobile app due out in time for Mountain Winefest) has the power to be one of the best Colorado wine branding tools to date, reaching newer and more affluent audiences than ever before
  4. This project is about collaboration. You can feature a brewery, mountain bike rental shop or other great Colorado business in your experience, which will help expand your reach into THEIR customer base
  5. Did we mention it’s free to use?

During the next several weeks we are planning a major ramp-up of social media marketing and content creation to grow those numbers significantly.

As a CAVE member, you get free access to promote your winery. The single greatest way to utilize the Experience is by adding your own unique, travel-inspired experience to the site.

It will put your winery on the map. Literally.

We are asking all CAVE members add ONE experience in the next week! If we collectively pitch in, this site will be filled with great itineraries and tips revolving around Colorado wine and all the other amazing activities that make our state so much fun.

And we will sell more wine, grapes and Colorado wine experiences.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Add to the Experience

Step 1:

Click on a few of the existing experiences to get a feel for the style.

Step 2:

Build your own experience and add it here. We are looking for itineraries that include wine with any number of other amazing Colorado activities from the arts to the outdoors. You can include your tasting room or a great spot to enjoy your wine at a restaurant, recurring farmers market, etc. Pair that with a trip to another winery or a brewery or a hike nearby. Experiences can last a few hours or a few days. We want to get our readers exploring.

Step 3:

Email any relevant photos to the experience to Please attach them in the email as a .jpg and be sure you have permission to use it. Let us know if we need to credit the photo to a person or business. The file should be a minimum of 600 pixels wide at 72 dpi. If you do not have a photo program on your computer, try this free online service:

Step 4:

Send an email to to confirm receipt of all of your information. We’ll respond with a planned publish date.

Step 5:

Use your social media channels to spread the word once it has been published.

Step. 6:

Send this document to your wine reps, email lists, friends, etc! We want 10 experiences in the queue this month — but would love 100 to schedule out the rest of the year.

For events:

Simply add your details here. Then follow steps 3-6 above.