What is CBD-infused Wine?

Cannabidiol Oil products can surprisingly be infused on almost any type of beverage. It brings surprising wellness results and most often provides healing to those who need it. But what is CBD Infused wine? Is it good? Is it legal? What can happen upon consumption? Can a person consume too much?

There are many benefits to drinking CBD-infused wine regularly.

For some vineyards, CBD-Infused wines are experimentation that aims to provide a new variety and dimension into wine drinking. It also offers wine enthusiasts the chance to try Cannabidiol Oil and see if it can affect their overall health and wellness.

Non-Alcoholic Wines

Most of the CBD infused wines that are coming out of the market are non-alcoholic. It is made to not be without alcohol so that the consumer can feel the effects of Cannabidiol without the possible alteration brought about by wine. Optimum relaxation is what vineyards and are gunning for. If ever there is wine content, the amount is very minimal so as not to cause intoxication. Cannabidiol, though, does not have any psychoactive effect, and the most it can do is to relax the mind and body.

Dealcoholized wine is another growing trend when it comes to CBD-infused wines. When Cannabidiol is infused in wines, it generally is through the emulsion, meaning the oil-based Cannabidiol is turned into micro-emulsions that are mixed into de-alcoholized wines.

How Cannabidiol Helps in Relaxation

One reason why individuals consume CBD Oil is that it relaxes them. Relaxation is also the reason why wine remains to be the oldest most popular drink of all time. It is meant for celebration and unwinding. When CBD is incorporated with yet another relaxing drink, something extraordinary will surely come out of it.

How Cannabidiol Helps in Relaxation

One of the main benefits of Cannabidiol Oil is its anxiolytic property. It has been known to help with clinical anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, clinical depression, and more. It helps keep anxiety and stress at bay by tapping on the body’s Endocannabinoid System, particularly that which regulates the serotonin levels.

Serotonin is the body’s feel-good hormone. It affects the overall mood and disposition of the person. CBD oil helps serotonin levels stabilize to pave the way for a relaxed and improved mood in an otherwise worrisome or anxious person. Even those who are clinically diagnosed to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Moreover, CBD also helps in healing other bodily conditions that contribute to restlessness and anxiety. For instance, Cannabidiol’s ability to reduce chronic or acute pain can help an anxious person stay relaxed amidst his condition. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties primarily help in reducing pain, and its other components are found useful in raising a person’s pain threshold. When the root cause of restlessness is relieved, relaxation starts to set in, and worries melt away.

Benefits of Drinking CBD-infused Wine

1. Total relaxation minus the intoxication. Imagine having a glass to unwind, and a little bit more without feeling the effects of alcohol? Most CBD Oil infused wines are non-alcoholic or would have really low levels of alcohol. This is meant to complement the relaxing but non-intoxicating effect of Cannabidiol Oil.

2. No hang-overs. Imagine having several glasses without fear of getting THE dreaded headache the next day? Drinking CBD infused wine will not cause any hangover that could debilitate a person the following day. It will just be a night of fun and unwinding.

3. More socializing. Social drinkers need not fret anymore because CBD infused wines are mostly de-alcoholized. They can drink what they can drink without having a fear of having too much. No need to worry about designating a driver for the evening, also, because everyone can drink as the wines are non-intoxicating.

4. Antioxidants galore. Red wine is filled with antioxidants that benefit heart health. At the same breath, Cannabidiol Oil is loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids that help promote wellness. CBD-infused wines, in a sense, are full-packed with these components that will surely improve better health.

5. Younger-looking skin. They say that alcoholic drinks can be bad for the skin and is dehydrating. That may be true, but not for wines with Cannabidiol Oil. For one the wine has minimal, if not zero traces of alcohol, which is responsible for drying up skin. Secondly, Cannabidiol Oil is anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, and has a good dose of fatty acids that benefit skin health. Regularly consuming CBD-infused wine can pave the way for clearer and younger-looking skin.

6. Healthier heart. Good cardiovascular health is one of the benefits of daily drinking a glass of wine. Imagine infusing that with Cannabidiol Oil that has Omega Fatty Acids and Anti-Inflammatory Properties? The positive effect on heart health is surely magnified. Never had a better reason to stay drinking reasonable amounts of red wine that is infused with Cannabidiol Oil.

7. Totally legal. Have the peace of mind knowing that no law is being violated by consuming CBD-Infused wines. First, Cannabidiol does not contain THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the substance that makes Cannabis or Marijuana a psychoactive substance that alters a person’s consciousness. CBD will never alter a person’s state of mind nor consciousness. And since the wine hardly has alcohol, it will also not cause any intoxication on the drinker.

8. Better sleep. Some people drink wine or alcoholic beverages nightly to get better sleep. With Cannabidiol-infused wines, this will be a reality minus the unwanted side effects of alcohol. While CBD oil will not make a person feel drowsy, it generally relaxes his mind and body, paving the way for relaxation and easier dozing off. It also helps relieve pain and other body aches, if any. So when a person is not bothered by pain or worrisome thoughts, he is bound to drift off to dreamland instantly, even if the wine he drank has no alcohol content.