A stroll along Pearl Street

The Pearl Street Mall has been the biggest tourism draw to the city of Boulder for decades. The pedestrian only portion offers a diverse assortment of entertainment, dining, drinking and shopping options that are enjoyable for both locals and tourists alike. There are also ample opportunities to sample Colorado wine.

  • Suggested time: 2-3 Hours
  • Transportation: Foot
  • Cost: $15

Stop 1: Salt The Bistro
This Bradford Heap restaurant opened in 2009 in the beloved Tom’s Tavern space. It has remained every bit a local jewel since transforming into a casual American bistro. It’s Colorado wine portion of the list, at times, out numbers its offerings from imports (defined as every glass made outside the state of Colorado). The staff is extremely knowledgable in the local wine and can guide you on an adventure of Colorado wine, paired with the local meats and veggies often procured from just a few miles away.  Happy hour secret: Head to the downstairs bar for a remarkably intimate imbibing experience.

Stop 2: The Pearl Street Mall Buskers

Pearl Street Mall has a diverse selection of restaurants and shops, but it’s perhaps the myriad street performers who create funny, dazzling and sometimes just crazy entertaining shows at the corner of 14th and Pearl that is the biggest draw. Some of the entertainers have been featured on national TV and the performances are as diverse as the Zip Code Man to contortionists who can squeeze into a tiny box. Sadly, no open containers allowed, so you’ll have to leave your glass of wine at the previous stop. Tipping is highly recommended.

Stop 3: Settembre Cellars tasting at Oliverde (Saturdays only)
One of the state’s smallest wineries, Settembre Cellars, makes hand-crafted wines out of a home on Grape Street. The dry Riesling and structured Cabernets are among the highlights of the wine industry, but sans a tasting room it can be hard to track down a sample or bottle. Luckily, Oliverde opens its doors most Saturdays to the winery, where you can sample the small-production lots, purchase wine and try artisan olive oils from around the world.