A drink with Jordan Salcito (Christie’s)

Jordan Salcito is the  beverage director for chef David Chang’s Momofuku restaurant group in New York City (you might have heard of him!). She knows wine and isn’t afraid to explore. In a recent interview with Chritie’s, she chats calls out Infinite Monkey Theorem as a must have for her dream Super Bowl party spread.

For my dream Super Bowl party we have to go all American. And that’s where we’re going to drink a little bit of some Turley [Wine Cellars] Cinsault, and some Bedrock [Wine Company] Old Vine Zinfandel. And, it might seem strange to say this in the same breath, but we’re going to drink Infinite Monkey Theorem, which is an urban winery in Denver, Colorado. They make a good Sangiovese and have really fun wine in cans. And we have to support the Broncos!”

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